10 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Friends in Finance

December 9, 2022by Team IRIS CARBON0

The holiday season has arrived, and so has the time to pick and choose gifts for friends, families, and colleagues. Gift shopping is no easy task, especially for perfectionists who like things a certain way. We are talking about the finance guys and gals in your social circle who love gifts that are as unique and smart as they are.

So, to ensure your holiday shopping does not leave you grumpy as a grinch, we decided we will step up and help.

This blog lists some unique gift ideas for spreadsheet enthusiasts who love number crunching and cannot get enough of data.

10 best Gifts for Financial Advisors

Bull and Bear Statue

1 Bull and bear Statue

This one tops our list for a reason. Bull and bear have been synonymous with the market since middle-men jobbers sold bearskins instead of stocks. The bull and bear fights were bloody sporting events where each animal had a unique approach to attacking its opponent. The bull thrusts its horn in the air while the bear swipes down.

The movement of the market was metaphorically related to this sport. Therefore, when the market moved upward it was called bullish. When it went down it was called bearish.

This statue represents the constant ups and downs in the market and makes for a perfect gift for finance executives.

You can buy it here

Book - A Random Walk Down Wallstreet

2 Book - A random walk Down Wallstreet

Regarded as one of the best books to be written on investing in the last fifty years, this book by an Economics Professor at Princeton University has traveled far and wide beyond the academic corridors. Recommended by money experts and loved by readers, this is a must-have for a financial bibliophile.

You can buy it here

Electric Hand Massager

3 Electric Hand Massager

After a busy filing season, we assure your finance pals will love this gift. A hand massager with heat settings will soothe sore fingers tired by creating countless spreadsheets. Useful for both men and women; left and right hand and fingers and palm, this gadget is an all-rounder.

You can buy it here and thank us later.

Budget Planner

4 Budget Planner

We all know how meticulous our finance-related friends and colleagues are and what better gift for them than a budget planner? This planner will allow them to meet all their financial goals while keeping everything organized, from monthly budget planning to expense tracker. A premium leatherette cover gives it an elegant look, and this planner comes with a few extra pages for holiday budget planning. Now that’s what we call smart.

You can buy it here.

Custom Mugs

5 Custom Mugs

A cup of hot coffee in a customized cup? Sounds perfect in the middle of a busy day. Our finance friends who are cafephiles will appreciate this gift that perfectly combines their two eternal love, spreadsheets and coffee.

Buy a cool coffee mug here

Novelty Socks

6 Novelty-Socks

Call us cheesy, but no holiday season gifting can be complete without a pair of socks. When they have money on their mind then why not on their feet? These dress socks will complement their personality inside out. You will not go wrong with these safest gift option.

You can buy it here

Gordon Gekko Poster

7 Gordon Gekko Poster

Greed is good. The famous monologue by Michael Douglas etched in the memories of all cinema lovers, especially lawyers, finance professionals, and stock brokers makes the movie, ‘Wall Street’ a classic. This collectible poster will make a great gift for finance executives.

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8 Paper-weight

With digital reporting, papers are pretty much nonexistent on a finance executive’s office desk.

However, a paperweight like this is worth its weight in elegance and will make for a beautiful gift.

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9 Cufflinks

Power dressing is incomplete without a pair of statement cuff links. Often associated with men in suits, but what many people don’t know is that women have been sporting cufflinks since the 1920s. Gift them to your finance executive friends and help them level up their power-dressing game.

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Ergonomic Mouse Pad

10 Ergonomic Mouse Pad

We round off with a gift which is affordable, quirky and very useful. An ergonomic mouse pad that can provide wrist support for easy and comfortable typing for long hours will be a gift much-appreciated by finance executives.

You can buy them here

Before we close…

A thoughtful gift cements relationships and communicates genuine care and respect for the receiver. The time and effort invested in selecting a gift also reflects the willingness to nurture associations and interpersonal transactions. The holiday season is the time to remind your clients, customers, and co-workers how valuable they are.

IRIS CARBON® wishes everyone Happy Holidays.

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