A repository of insightful presentations by our XBRL experts to help you understand the latest changes in the world of financial reporting.

The SEC Masterclass II - Gearing Up for the SEC 2019 iXBRL Mandate

An SEC Masterclass presentation to equip every finance executive to prepare well for the iXBRL mandate. Download now to be ready for streamlined compliance.


5 Strategies to Adopt for Smooth ESEF iXBRL Compliance

A presentation for every ESEF filer with five strategies to ensure smooth iXBRL compliance. Download your copy today for preparing well and be ready.


The Quality of Disclosures - Why Getting It Right Is Imperative!

A presentation to help you understand the importance of getting your financial disclosures right. Download now to learn the essential factors that can help you get the quality right.


Decoding the CIPC XBRL Mandate

A presentation introducing the basic concepts of the CIPC iXBRL mandate for every South African company complying with the mandate. Download your copy today.


How Does Phase 2 of CIPC iXBRL Reporting Affect You

Download this presentation to learn all about phase 2 of CIPC iXBRL reporting and be prepared. Learn all about the critical aspects of the new mandate for your filing.


AFS to iXBRL in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to transform your annual financial statements to the iXBRL format in 4 easy steps. Download this presentation providing actionable tips for the same.


The SEC Masterclass for Smooth iXBRL Filings

A presentation delivering the best practices for a smooth SEC iXBRL filing and compliance. Download to get acquainted with the crucial factors for smooth reporting.


Getting Ready for the ESMA ESEF iXBRL Mandate

The perfect reference material for every organization preparing for the ESMA ESEF iXBRL mandate. Download today to learn about all the critical aspects of the mandate.