Italy InfoCamere XBRL Mandate

Since 2014, Italian registered companies have been using the InfoCamere portal to submit annual financial reports in the digital XBRL format to the Chambers of Commerce.

Italy InfoCamere XBRL Mandate
A Closer Look

All registered companies in Italy are required to submit annual financial reports in XBRL format to the Italian Chambers of Commerce through the InfoCamere portal. The companies are required to use XBRL elements from the Italian GAAP taxonomy to tag their financial data and convert it into the digital format.

To comply with the Chamber of Commerce XBRL mandate, Italian companies need to tag the numbers in their financial statements and block-tag the notes to accounts.

The Italian GAAP taxonomy supports a fixed set of financial disclosures. Companies may leave untagged any information for which there is no available taxonomy element.

Smoother Process

The InfoCamere XBRL filing process is much smoother than if the filings were in a non-digital format. That is because XBRL facilitates process automation.

Easier Analysis

An XBRL report is a machine-readable document that is easier to access as well as analyze and compare for more effective investment/business decision-making.

High-quality Data

Data in the XBRL format is of high quality because the digital format allows filers to validate the information being reported to ensure there are no errors or inconsistencies.

Multipurpose Solutions

InfoCamere filers have a host of intuitive software solutions to choose from. Moreover, the same tools can be used for European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) compliance.

Italian companies filing XBRL reports through the InfoCamere portal need to choose a software solution that simplifies the digital tagging process and enables their reports to clear validation checks. Companies need to emphasized high-quality XBRL report preparation.

Companies may even opt to outsource XBRL tagging to service providers. However, companies must ensure that they are able to review their XBRL annual reports before they are submitted. Through the review process, companies can sign-off on their XBRL reports before submission.

1 Format for Digital Reporting
1 XBRL Taxonomy (Italian GAAP)
6 mln+ Registered Businesses

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Italy Unparalleled XBRL Expertise at your Service

Unparalleled XBRL Expertise at your Service

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