Vilkyškių pieninė AB achieves 20% time savings with Streamlined Financial Reporting Process

A case study on how Vilkyškių pieninė AB achieves 20% time savings with a Streamlined Financial Reporting Process

Customer Profile

Customer Profile

VILVI Group, originally known as Vilkykiai, is a leading dairy producer in the Baltic States. With a rich heritage dating back to 1934, they offer exceptional dairy solutions that provide affordable nutrition and delightful taste experiences. Situated in the fertile Nemunas Valley, VILVI Group benefits from the region’s lush meadows, producing over 800 tons of milk and 200 tons of dairy products daily. VILVI Group’s products are a global promise of an affordable, higher quality life, which is inspired by the Nemunas meadows, Lithuanian residents who enjoy the highest quality products, and local communities, employees and milk suppliers become a starting point.

Business Challenges

Business Challenges

Vilkyškių Pieninė faced difficulties in integrating Excel and Word files, impacting operational efficiency due to synchronization issues. Recognizing the significance of integrating these file formats and complying with the annual ESEF Mandate, the company actively pursued a solution to improve their processes and effectiveness.

To achieve this, they embraced the implementation of IRIS CARBON® Disclosure Management, an innovative and convenient software solution for financial and non-financial reporting. This cost-effective and powerful tool played a pivotal role in simplifying their reporting procedures and providing professional assistance during the creation of annual reports.

The successful adoption of IRIS CARBON® further contributed to Vilkyškių Pieninė achieving higher levels of efficiency and optimization in their operations. As a result, they experienced improved business outcomes and a significant 20% reduction in reporting time.

Core Deliverables

Core Deliverables

The Disclosure Management team conducted a comprehensive and informative session to familiarize the Vilkyškių pieninė team with the extensive range of features and operational processes offered by the IRIS CARBON® platform. Vilkyškių’s financial team meticulously researched and determined that the IRIS team stood out as the optimal solution for their specific Disclosure Management requirements.

Smooth Onboarding and Training

To facilitate a seamless onboarding process and provide comprehensive training, ensuring a smooth transition for the customer.

Real-time Document Syncing

Enabling efficient collation of data sourced from Excel, empowering teams to effortlessly integrate data and narratives on a real-time basis to produce precise financial and regulatory compliance reports.

Centralized Document Authoring and Approval

With flexible workflows, collaboration across different parts of the document is enabled, allowing for streamlined working, full visibility, and control during the preparation, review, and finalization of reports.

Multiple Output File Formats

The platform provides a flexible and convenient solution for sharing and utilizing reports, catering to the preferences of Auditors who utilize Word for reviews and the corporate website’s need for reports in PDF format.

Online Review and Commenting

This functionality facilitates efficient collaboration and centralization of the reporting process. It enables users to track the entire process comprehensively, streamlining the review phase and leading to enhanced productivity and accuracy.

ESEF (European Single Electronic Format) Tagging

Disclosure Management enables seamless ESEF tagging, ensuring adherence to regulatory obligations while streamlining and simplifying the reporting process.

Ongoing Support

Providing expert support throughout the entire process leading up to the publication of the annual report, encompassing regulatory reporting requirements as well as fulfilling corporate website purposes.

“Our collaboration with IRIS Carbon® Disclosure Management has revolutionized our filing procedures with a seamless and collaborative workflow. Their outstanding 24/7 support team promptly addresses any challenges, and their user-friendly interface and automation capabilities ensure accurate and reliable results. The empowering solutions offered by IRIS Carbon® have significantly improved our efficiency and productivity, resulting in a remarkable 20% reduction in reporting time and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership with them.”

Vilma Černiauskienė
Vilkyškių pieninė AB, Vilkyškiai

Key Results Achieved

Key Results Achieved

The finance team at Vilkyškių Pieninė expressed great satisfaction with the seamless reporting processs experience facilitated by IRIS CARBON® through our intuitive and user-friendly Disclosure Management platform. The Vilkyškių Pieninė team highly valued our automatic data linking feature and the prompt, unlimited support from our dedicated customer success team, expressing great appreciation for our availability in promptly addressing any issues that arose.

Below are some of the key results achieved:

Vilvi Key Result



The partnership between Vilkyskiu Pienine and IRIS CARBON® Disclosure Management has revolutionized Vilkyškių Pieninė’s approach to report authoring, covering a wide range of reporting types such as annual, quarterly, regulatory, and compliance reports.

The seamless data filing experience, intuitive platform, and automatic data-upload feature have greatly improved efficiency and reduced manual efforts. The dedicated customer success team’s prompt assistance has further contributed to the success of the project. By overcoming the challenges of Excel and Word file integration, Vilkyškių Pieninė has streamlined operations and achieved improved business outcomes.

Overall, this collaboration has provided a seamless and efficient solution, enhancing data accuracy and boosting efficiency for Vilkyškių Pieninė reporting requirements.

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