Disclosure Management


Welcome to IRIS CARBON® Disclosure Management – the ultimate solution for efficient and accurate disclosure reporting.

Our platform provides seamless integration with Office 365, making it easy for you to create and manage financial and non-financial reports in Word and Excel formats. With our powerful tools and intuitive user interface, you can streamline your disclosure reporting process and save time and effort. Our platform is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations, and our customizable workflows and user permissions make it easy to manage your team’s access and roles. Whether you need to create financial statements, ESG reports, or press releases, IRIS CARBON® is the perfect solution for all your disclosure reporting needs.

Here's how our process works


Step 1

Office 365 Integration via Add-ins
To get started with IRIS CARBON®, you need to be registered with our platform and have a valid MS Office 365 license. Our add-ins allow you to access our platform directly from your Office 365 account, making it easy to create and manage your reports.


Step 2

User Management
Our platform provides customizable workflows and permissions based on user roles. You can assign Preparer, Reviewer, and Sign-Off rights to users and control their access to various sections of the document and features based on their roles.


Step 3

Document Set-up
With IRIS CARBON®, you can easily set up documents for financial (monthly, quarterly, or annual report) and non-financial (Press releases and ESG reporting) reports in Word and Excel format.


Step 4

Smart Linking of Numbers Across the Document
Our platform allows you to create smart linkages between the numbers in the document with an online spreadsheet, making it easy to update and change numbers in the document after a review.


Step 5

Centralized Version Management
Our superior version control feature ensures that all team members are working on the latest and most up-to-date document. You can also create versions as and when required, compare versions in track changes mode, and restore prior versions should the need arise.


Step 6

On-document Commenting and Review
IRIS CARBON® makes it easy for users to raise/review comments through the platform, receive real-time feedback via alerts, and sort comments raised by their status i.e., open, closed, pending etc.


Step 7

Output in Multiple Formats
With IRIS CARBON®, you can generate the output of your document in multiple formats such as PDFs and MS Word documents to suit the reporting and compliance needs of your organization.


Step 8

Roll Forward to Subsequent Period
Users can simply roll forward existing templates for upcoming years and retain all the linking and metadata from the previous year.

And all this comes with our Unlimited Expert Assistance at no extra cost, ensuring that companies can make digital compliance reports without any struggle.

Become one of the satisfied customers who have already experienced the benefits of IRIS CARBON®. Sign up today and simplify your disclosure reporting process.

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