The ESEF iXBRL mandate comes into effect on 1st January 2020. It will apply to annual financial reports containing financial statements for fiscal years beginning on or after 1 January 2020.

With just two months to go before we welcome the year 2020, you must be considering solutions, services, or even agencies and consultants to help you in your ESEF process. Allow us to present to you our flagship product – IRIS CARBON®, a culmination of our 14+ years of experience in the structured data space.

IRIS CARBON® is a cloud-based, collaborative platform that helps issuers prepare Annual Financial Reports (AFR) and meet the iXBRL reporting requirements as per ESEF iXBRL mandate. The platform comes with a robust set of features that will make the entire AFR preparation process a walk in the park without compromising on the beautification/layout of your AFR – even after iXBRL conversion.

Here are a few reasons you’d love what we have to offer.

Smooth Collaboration & Smart Data Linking Make for an Efficient AFR Preparation

Our platform sets a new standard in collaboration, where your teams work smoothly on one single document with full visibility and control. With smart editing, intuitive online review, and superior version management, your AFR preparation process becomes simple and efficient. You save time in editing/reviewing by linking the spreadsheet you’re working on with the XBRL document. That way, any changes you make in the spreadsheet automatically reflect in your document and subsequently, in all your output formats – iXBRL, PDF, and Word.

AI/ML Enabled, Multi-Lingual & Fully ESEF Ready

IRIS CARBON® not only supports iXBRL, ESEF taxonomy, extensions, and anchoring, it does that in 23 EU languages. Don’t worry if no one in your team has deep XBRL expertise. Our platform comes with a smart and automated tagging process with 100% accuracy and quality. ESEF iXBRL

Bespoke Plans, Customized Workshops, and Unlimited Support

Choose to go with the iXBRL modules for ESEF compliance, or the whole disclosure management solution to prepare your AFR; opt for our unlimited expert support, or choose to pay per hour for it. Our a la carte offering gives you complete control and flexibility to choose what suits your requirements best. Once you are on board, our customized training/workshop helps your team gear up for the ESEF mandate.

Flat, Very Reasonable Pricing & Free Roll-Forward Assistance

We offer a flat price with unlimited support on your filings. With us, you get an exceptional offering at a very reasonable price. Our expert support team will be available whenever you want to create and manage subsequent period filings.

IRIS CARBON® is your one-stop solution for all your ESEF iXBRL compliance reporting requirements. Our world-class solution backed by our expert XBRL team ensures that your documents are of the highest quality while making the entire process completely hassle-free.

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