In our previous update, we unveiled IRIS CARBON®’s Enhanced Dashboard UI, integrated ESMA ESEF 2019 Taxonomy with multi-lingual label support, and new Company Taxonomy Creation automation features among other crucial upgrades. The swift launch of these updates has been possible because our phenomenal team has been working diligently on them for quite some time.

And now, we’re excited to announce the launch of IRIS CARBON® 5.0.4. with features that have been in the works well in advance.

XBRL Certified Software™

IRIS CARBON® is now an XBRL International Certified (XII) solution. As a user, you can trust that any XBRL report you prepare using our software has been tested using XBRL International’s comprehensive Conformance Suites. These Suites are used to test whether an XBRL report created in IRIS CARBON® can reliably be consumed by any other conformant XBRL software. Our XBRL solution has received this certification after facing the test, which it passed smoothly, without a single hitch.

Ribbon Style UI

You will now have an even smoother user experience thanks to IRIS CARBON®’s new and improved platform interface. The working panes in the platform are categorized according to the sequence of activities in three menus – ‘Document’, ‘XBRL’, ‘Review’. The upgraded UI will provide you with easier access to the platform’s functionalities, a convenience that intends to make your report preparation you’re your XBRL creation, and the review process a breeze.

1 IRIS CARBON® 5.0.4

Company Taxonomy Updates

While much of the company taxonomy creation is automated, it is still important for issuers and auditors to have a view of the taxonomy, and also actively manage the taxonomy when required. Some simple utilities have made the process even easier:

  • IRIS CARBON® v 5.0.4 is now enabled with a quick sorting button to move elements (up or down) within the Company Taxonomy. Users can also indent elements within the Company Taxonomy in or out from their immediate parent relationship, to make the view of the taxonomy more intuitive too.

So the next time you add an extension element into the taxonomy at the last minute, you can manage it very easily.

2 IRIS CARBON® 5.0.4

While these were some of the more visible features, there are many other smaller, but significant updates, all of which are aimed at making the user experience a delight. We invite you to experience the product for yourself!

IRIS CARBON® is a cloud-based, collaborative platform that helps issuers prepare financial reports and meet the iXBRL reporting requirements as per ESEF ESMA iXBRL mandate. The platform comes with a robust set of features that will make the entire iXBRL report preparation process a breeze without compromising on the original template/layout of your report – even after iXBRL conversion. You can contact our experts and book a free demo of IRIS CARBON®.

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