The time has finally arrived. The ESEF iXBRL mandate has come into effect and all issuers will have to file their consolidated annual reports in the iXBRL format for their 2020 annual reports. To comply with the mandate you will need a reliable solution/service provider to help convert your clients’ annual reports into iXBRL. If you are an individual or a company that offers financial/accounting/audit services/consolidation services, we have a very exciting business proposition for you. A collaborative partnership with IRIS CARBON® will prove highly beneficial.

The biggest advantage of partnering with us is that you can introduce a new business line, and grow your revenues, with ZERO investments. IRIS CARBON® is a cloud-based disclosure management platform with built-in iXBRL capability that helps issuers to meet the ESEF mandate issued by the ESMA. The platform comes with a gamut of features that is backed with unlimited support for preparing, and reviewing annual reports, including iXBRL that needs to be submitted to the national regulator.

We present to you 5 primary reasons why you should choose to collaborate with us.

Reason 1: Grow your revenue

Our partnerships are always mutually beneficial. Having nurtured a number of partnerships in just over 18 months in Europe, both we and our partners can testify to how working together has grown our clientele and revenues. If you have clients that are listed companies and want to grow by offering ESEF as a new line of business, we have very interesting partnership models.

Reason 2: Complete Flexibility That Your clients will love

Choose just the iXBRL module on a standalone basis or choose the disclosure management suite also.  We offer IRIS CARBON® in a completely flexible way. We also offer services through the platform in a completely flexible way. The iXBRL tagging can either be outsourced by the client to you, or to our expert teams, or clients can handle the XBRL tagging in-house.  Either way, we provide complete training and support to get partners and clients started.

You can offer your customers a full suite disclosure management platform; or you can offer IRIS CARBON® as simply as an iXBRL module or if your clients require a combo of both of these solutions, you are free to offer it as such. Or, if your customers want to outsource the entire process of iXBRL conversion, we will be glad to oblige on your behalf. The best part is that the clients are free to switch between any of our solutions anytime they feel like.

Reason 3: Timely updates on the Product

We ensure that our product keeps up with the changes. The product is always in sync with the current updates, be it the latest release of the taxonomy or any new validation rules introduced. Our ability to stay ahead of the curve in terms of making sure all regulatory updates are introduced rapidly has helped us serve our clients and partners with confidence. We proudly cater to the compliance and disclosure management requirements of 1.5 million filers in over 32 countries.

Reason 4: Real-time Training and Support

Working on new software can be a bit daunting. Especially, when the team working on the software has to understand new concepts of taxonomies and tagging. We help ease the process by providing both one-time and ongoing training and workshops which extensively covers the ESEF mandate, a detailed overview of the ESEF taxonomy, how to pick the right tags, and handle the process end to end. Our team of over 300 XBRL/iXBRL experts is there to provide unlimited support to any and every matter that concerns iXBRL and regulatory compliance.

Reason 5: Sales and Marketing Assistance

We provide you with comprehensive support on the product through our detailed product demonstrations, which will help you get started easily. We also give you additional support in the form of sales marketing collateral for you and your team and support you through product demos and workshops with clients and prospects.

Partnering with IRIS CARBON® will give you an opportunity to grow your customer base and provide them with the solution/platform to comply with the ESEF iXBRL mandate. IRIS CARBON® is a leading name in the world of disclosure management and compliance reporting. Partnering with IRIS will not only bring in more sales revenue at no investments other than your time and effort but also help bolster the products you offer to your clients with confidence.

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