This iXBRL Solution Comes with so much flexibility, it’s unbelievable – IRIS CARBON®

The creation of 10-Qs and 10-Ks is a tight, deadline-driven process. While currently companies are required to file these reports in dual formats – EDGAR HTML and XBRL, the SEC iXBRL mandate is set to change that. Once companies make the switch to iXBRL, they would need to file just one single iXBRL document each quarter with the SEC. The SEC iXBRL mandate has been made compulsory for companies over a three-year phase-in period beginning 15th June 2019.

As companies gear up to transition from XBRL to iXBRL, we present to you a solution with the ultimate flexibility – IRIS CARBON®. We craft our solution/service packages to match the exact requirements of our clients. If you simply need a solution to convert your 10Qs or 10Ks into iXBRL, we’ve got it covered; if you want the entire Disclosure Management Platform to ease your last-mile reporting, we’re it. If you’re looking to solve your report preparation AND iXBRL filing problem, we offer a combo of both. If you want to get your reports converted to iXBRL by experts, we’re at your service. That’s not all. If at any time you change your mind and want to switch between any of our offerings, we’re game for that too. The best part is, unlike some rigid solutions that are expensive to boot, IRIS CARBON®’s flexibility and commitment to quality won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

In this infographic, we present the range of options IRIS CARBON® extends to clients


IRIS CARBON® Disclosure Management platform:

[/vc_custom_heading][vc_column_text text_lead=”yes”]You could use the transition to iXBRL as an opportunity to streamline your last mile reporting with IRIS CARBON®’s disclosure management platform. We will help you with everything – from setting your documents up on the platform, to training and support that you need to experience the complete range of benefits that come with our platform.


If you want to do your own iXBRL tagging, that’s possible too. We will train you on the IRIS CARBON® software, and our team of experts can chip in whenever you need, even with unanticipated and last-minute requests.

iXBRL Expert Services:

IRIS CARBON® experts will focus on your end-to-end iXBRL conversion, so you stay focused on your business. Since our platform is cloud-based, you can track, review and even continue to edit your document anytime; while we update the iXBRL where required. We work together on your document, where we act as your iXBRL team. ix

A Combo of any of the above:

You could pick any two or even all of the above solutions/services as a combo and we will customize it to suit your exact requirements.

When you make a switch to IRIS CARBON®, you get access to a disclosure management platform, our iXBRL modules, and our highest quality services. Based on your specific requirements, we can tailor a package so you pay only for what you want – and retain the option to switch your package at any time. IRIS CARBON® allows users to prepare and submit filings directly to the SEC, including several EDGAR, XBRL, iXBRL, and XML form types.

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