SEC Filing with 5 Easy Steps

June 12, 2019by Team IRIS CARBON
  • Sign up – Sign up with IRIS CARBON® and bid goodbye to all your Regulatory Compliance woes.
  • Collaborate Easily – Work with teams on a single source, a cloud-based platform without worrying about losing track and accountability.
  • Prepare your XBRL / iXBRL simultaneously – Effortlessly tag your reports with the help of our in-house team expert, or use the platform to do it yourself. Either way, we equip you to make sure you succeed.
  • Review and Audit Smoothly – Simplify the overall review and finalization process using IRIS CARBON®. Easily track and approve changes, compare versions of the document to share with stakeholders, use the document commenting feature to mark your observations, and reach out to support.
  • File with the SEC – Validate and authorize your reports on the platform before filing with the SEC. IRIS CARBON® has a long-standing record of being a disclosure management solution provider with consistently high accuracy of XBRL output. Use our platform and be assured of extremely high-quality filings.

Info-graphic on SEC Filing

sec filing

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