The Practical Guide to ESMA ESEF iXBRL Reporting & Compliance

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ESMA ESEF iXBRL Reporting & Compliance

The Practical Guide to ESMA ESEF iXBRL Reporting & Compliance

Did you know? Out of 1760 companies analyzed, 890 had errors in their 2021 ESEF iXBRL Filings.

Every ESEF filer knows the challenges of complying with the ESMA ESEF iXBRL mandate. Getting the filing done correctly without errors can be daunting for many filers. This ebook is for all the filers who want to streamline the filing process and comply smoothly.

This ebook will present a simple process to get your ESEF compliance right using the IRIS CARBON® platform. Leveraging the right features and robust workflows will simplify your reporting and smoothen your compliance for every filing.

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  • Top Findings and Learnings from the 2021 ESEF Quality Study
  • Creating High-quality iXBRL Reports
  • Scope of Tagging in Phases of the ESMA Mandate
  • The Simplified ESEF Reporting Process Using IRIS CARBON®
  • And more

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