Partnership Advantage with IRIS CARBON®

April 16, 2019by Team IRIS CARBON

Strategic partnerships are important for your business’s growth, success, and longevity. They give your business a competitive edge, an opportunity to grow your customer base as a result of new business opportunities, and may help strengthen weaker aspects of your business. Maximizing revenues with zero investment is the key partnership advantage with IRIS CARBON®.

If you are considering a partnership, the good news is, that you don’t need a big budget to make a partnership like this work. Correction, you don’t need ANY investment to make this work.

Presenting IRIS CARBON®– a global leader in Regulatory Compliance Reporting Solutions. IRIS CARBON® is a cloud-based, collaborative platform that helps filers globally meet regulatory mandates. The platform comes with a robust set of features and unlimited support for the preparation, review, and filing of iXBRL documents with the respective regulator.

A partnership with IRIS CARBON® will cost you nothing but plenty in return. Here are 5 reasons why you should collaborate with us

  1. White-labeled solution – You will be assured of a premium cloud-based solution with your company logo for you to offer your clients. The solution can be used to prepare financial statements in iXBRL as well as file them with the regulator.
  2. Real-time Training and Support– We impart custom training, workshops, and unlimited support on all matters relating to XBRL and Regulatory Compliance.
  3. Sales and Marketing Assistance– We offer extensive support on product demonstrations as well as marketing collateral for you and your teams.
  4. Value Added Analytics Solutions– We offer value-added analytics for peer benchmarking and comparisons with competitors.
  5. Regular Product Updates– Our product and Taxonomy is always in sync with the latest norms of various mandates around the world. Today we are a proud provider of XBRL solutions to over 5 countries.

Benefit from upcoming and existing mandates globally by collaborating with us. As a global leader in disclosure management and compliance reporting, a partnership with IRIS CARBON® can be a game-changer for your business. By breaking new ground, your new line of business will receive substantial revenue generation opportunities. As a partner, your firm will greatly benefit from our cutting-edge, massively scalable technology that creates unique opportunities for business growth.

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Leading companies worldwide are partnering with IRIS CARBON® to provide regulatory compliance solutions that solve complex financial problems for companies to file with regulators.

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