The initial years of the SEC XBRL mandate saw most companies outsource their XBRL and EDGAR HTML to financial printers. Today, close to ten years since the SEC mandate commenced, more and more companies are opting for disclosure management solutions to streamline their entire compliance reporting process from start to finish. clients speak

Yet there are still companies that hesitate to make the move to a disclosure management solution. SaaS disclosure management platforms are often positioned as self-filing platforms, and companies believe that by transitioning to these platforms, they would need to do more work internally.

Here we debunk some common misconceptions around disclosure management solutions, and hear from our clients what they love about IRIS CARBON® – our disclosure management and XBRL/ iXBRL platform bundled with expert services.

Isn’t moving to a new system complicated?

Moving to IRIS CARBON® is extremely smooth and simple. Once you partner with us, all members of your compliance team get a free customized transition workshop with hands-on sessions on the platform. We seek to understand your processes, learn of any specific requirements, and train your teams to use the platform in the way you’d like to use it.  All training sessions will be with your company’s actual document, not with sample data. This ensures that your team is fully comfortable with and confident about using the platform. Not making the move to a more efficient system can be more expensive than you might think. If your current process involves more time, compromises quality, and takes a toll on your peace of mind, IRIS CARBON® is what you need.

Client Speak

A personalized one-on-one training and on-boarding assistance helped in getting me transitioned into the platform smoothly. It was also important for me to have a product that offered both the platform and expert XBRL support in one, at an all-inclusive price, so I didn’t have to worry about my XBRL more than I wanted.

Caprice Price
Director of Accounting
Industrial Services of America

(A Workiva user in the past, user of IRIS CARBON® since 2016)

Doesn’t a self-filing platform mean more work for me?

Not at all! When you sign-up with us, you not only get a license to use IRIS CARBON

® for all your SEC compliance reporting needs, you also get unlimited high quality support services from our expert teams. Nothing is too big or too small for us to help you with. We on-board your latest SEC documents on the platform; our team supports you with XBRL tagging and validation, document formatting, final review and filing assistance of your document. Name what you need on your document, and we support you.

When your team is ready to begin preparing the next 10-Q or 10-K, you’ll log into the platform and find the project already started for you (rolled over from the previous period) and all you’ll have to do is start updating numbers and making any other edits to the document.

Client Speak

One of the best things about using your platform is the customer service that comes with it. You always seem very quick to respond and help out with whatever I am needing help with whether it is a formatting thing or an XBRL question or just something that we added last minute and needs some tagging. I really appreciate!

When my current services model seems to work fine, why would I move to IRIS CARBON®?

The beauty of IRIS CARBON

® is that you get all the services you are used to and more, but also gain more efficiency, control, and visibility through a SaaS platform. The blend of the two makes for a perfect offering.

Client Speak

The one thing I very much like about Carbon is that all the work is within the software. IRIS CARBON® is a much less manual application than the last software that we had used.

Taylor Watters
Senior Staff Accountant
Image Sensing Systems

(A user who prepared compliance reports in Word and Excel in the past, IRIS CARBON® user since 2017)

I’d like control of the document preparation and review of iXBRL by myself and I am happy I can do that.

Lisa DeMaster
Assistant Controller
Cyber Optics Corporation

(A Workiva user in the past, IRIS CARBON® user since 2017)

The online spread-sheet is so easy to use, numbers updated in one places updates automatically at all linked places.

Peggy Benedict
Cyberoptics Corp.

(A Workiva user in the past, a user of IRIS CARBON® since 2017)

Won’t I need to constantly worry about SEC updates?

No, you won’t have to worry about SEC updates — we will take care of that for you. With every SEC update, we will update the platform and publish an article detailing the update. 

With IRIS CARBON®, you are always a step ahead of the curve with regard to the SEC Mandate. SEC upgrades, such as Taxonomy version upgrades, new validations, or any new rules in general that the SEC announces, are instantly updated on our platform. When the SEC  announced in late 2016 that filers could submit their 10-Q and 10-K documents in iXBRL on a voluntary basis, IRIS CARBON® was ready with support for iXBRL submissions only a few months later, even though the actual phase-in dates for iXBRL didn’t start until 2019.

Client Speak

We decided late in the first quarter of 2017 (Form 10-Q preparation calendar) to move forward with the use of iXBRL. I was impressed as a user with how smoothly this occurred in IRIS CARBON®.

Larry Degen 
Interim Chief Financial Officer and Secretary
MGC Diagnostics Corporation

(A Certent user in the past, has used IRIS CARBON® since 2016)

We’d love to have you as a happy IRIS CARBON® customer too. Do give us a try – we promise we won’t disappoint.

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