IRIS CARBON®:The Most Sought Sfter iXBRL Software for CIPC Filings

By its very nature, a typical reporting process can be very time-consuming, to say the least. During the course of the year, the fateful Annual Financial Statement (AFS) changes multiple hands, globally oscillates between departments and teams who review it, provide inputs and comments before it reaches a final stage, and is filed with the CIPC. Talk about the perils of not having an iXBRL software!

Meanwhile, you start patiently building each block of the report trying to capture every piece of information with accuracy. Most of you, undoubtedly, would spend sleepless nights and tiring days trying to bring it together, to the constant background score of the ticking clock.

As the deadline draws closer, it’s usually all hands on deck. Your team and you float multiple versions of the ‘latest’, ‘latest_latest’ versions of the Chinese puzzle only to be further confused in the process.

Which-software-is-used-most-for-iXBRL-filings-of-South-African-companies-to-CIPC (1)

Sounds familiar?

Not only is this process tiring, but also time-intensive, anxiety-ridden and heavy on the pocket.

But you wonder if you can ensure a simplified, top-quality filing in a cost-effective manner while adhering to the CIPC filing deadlines?

IRIS CARBON®: Your iXBRL Compliance Software

IRIS CARBON® simplifies and streamlines your AFS preparation process, including the iXBRL as well. Here are 5 good reasons why you should choose IRIS CARBON® for your CIPC Filings

  1. CIPC’S TRUSTED PARTNER FOR iXBRL IMPLEMENTATION IN SOUTH AFRICA – IRIS Business Services, has been chosen by the CIPC, the business registry in South Africa to receive all the AFS submitted by filers. By choosing IRIS CARBON®, you are completely aligned with the updates of the CIPC. Also, our Validator engine has been integrated by the CIPC into its filing portal. The same validator is also available in IRIS CARBON®, using which filers can validate their iXBRL documents and file an error-free output with the CIPC.
  2. CLOUD-BASED, COLLABORATIVE, SINGLE SOURCE PLATFORM – Having a cloud-based platform solves the paramount problem of back and forth of the report during the preparation stage. Any number of users can work on the document with changes and comments reflected in real-time. There is just one document in place which is the ‘single source’ of truth that guarantees visibility, control, and easy version management.
  3. EFFICIENT AFS PREPARATION –You can work on your AFS right from the platform itself by benefiting from smart editing, effortless spreadsheet linking, superior version management, and much more.
  4. No Surprise Pricing –Our platform offers very transparent and competitive pricing. You pay one flat annual price irrespective of the number of pages, edits as well as extent of support.
  5. Unlimited Expert Support –The need of having a good team of product support and customer service can be of utmost importance when buying compliance software. We at IRIS CARBON® have no cap on customer service. Our support team is accessible anytime you need it. We act as an extended arm to your team to ensure a smooth and stress-free compliance reporting process.

With IRIS CARBON® ‘s high caliber assisted services, you have an iXBRL software that not only ensures a smooth filing but one that puts you in the driver’s seat, providing full visibility and complete control over the entire process.

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