Last month, we released the latest updated version of IRIS CARBON®, our disclosure management and XBRL/iXBRL platform for all your compliance needs.

In IRIS CARBON® 5.0.3, you can look forward to an even smoother user experience while preparing your XBRL/iXBRL reports. Our software experts have updated CARBON® with more advanced features and fixed existing bugs to make our platform more robust and intuitive than before. You can now look forward to automated feature additions and technical upgrades that will ensure absolute comfort and convenience in your report tagging and conversion process.

The new additions in IRIS CARBON® 5.0.3

Introduction of new EDGAR form-types

Our platform is constantly updated with EDGAR form types as and when they are introduced. The new updated version of IRIS CARBON® 5.0.3 has added 85 new forms-types for your SEC filings. With this addition, IRIS CARBON® lets you choose from more than 160+ form types, customize it as per your company’s branding and template and tag it as per the SEC’s requirements.

EDGAR form Submission Headers

Keeping the user experience in mind, IRIS CARBON® 5.0.3 has introduced separate tabs to make it convenient to view data. You can now use the tab-wise interface to switch between the main menu, co-registrant menu, notification, and SEC submission page.

HTML Rendering View and PDF Generation

IRIS CARBON® 5.0.3 has been upgraded to provide an HTML-rendered output view and form submission details for all EDGAR forms that users can use to preview submission details before the final submission. For exceptions, a PDF will be generated for preview. (Exceptions include: ownership forms 3, 4, and 5.)

Enhanced Dashboard User Interface (UI)

IRIS CARBON® 5.0.3 dashboard has been upgraded with an even smarter display to show open comments, XBRL tags pending review, and more such data to ensure better timeline and activity management, coordination between users, and data analysis.

When you select IRIS CARBON®, you get complete access to a disclosure management platform, the iXBRL modules, and our high-quality services. We can also create tailored packages based on your specific requirements so you only invest for what you need – and retain the option to switch your package at any time. IRIS CARBON® allows users to prepare and submit filings that include XBRL, iXBRL, and XML form types.

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