There is no one size that fits all when it comes to reporting preparation. From the template of your report to the values you need to tag, there are always unique aspects that separate your company’s financial reports from those of others. This is where a product like IRIS CARBON® comes into the picture. The platform is designed thoughtfully to ensure that it can be customized to fit your needs just right.

What makes IRIS CARBON® flexible?

IRIS CARBON®‘s platform has three major features. It is an ideal choice not just for iXBRL conversion but to streamline the last mile of your reporting process. Each feature can be availed individually, clubbed together into a combo or you can simply choose our expert conversion services to do the job for you. Here’s a look at each feature:


IRIS CARBON® Disclosure Management platform

Streamline the last mile reporting process with our intuitive and robust disclosure management platform. Our experts will help you set up your document on the platform and provide you with the necessary training and support to help you create and complete the reports seamlessly.


You can also choose to do your own iXBRL tagging. Our experts will train you to use the IRIS CARBON® software and guide you whenever you require assistance, even with unanticipated and last-minute requests.

iXBRL Expert Services

Stay focused on your business while our experts take care of your iXBRL conversion. Since IRIS CARBON® is a cloud-based platform, you can conveniently track, review and edit your document anytime, anywhere.

You can customize these IRIS CARBON® features to suit your requirements. Simply choose one feature or combine them depending on your needs. For example, you can avail the disclosure management platform and iXBRL module if you want autonomy in your report preparation process. Alternatively, you can prepare your report and send it to our experts for conversion to iXBRL.

When you make a switch to IRIS CARBON®, you get access to a disclosure management platform, our iXBRL modules, and our highest quality services. Based on your specific requirements, we can tailor a package so you pay only for what you want – and retain the option to switch your package at any time. IRIS CARBON® allows users to prepare and submit filings directly to the CIPC, including several  XBRL, iXBRL, and XML form types.

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