Public Interest (PI) Score for CIPC Filing

August 2, 2019by Team IRIS CARBON

Public Interest (PI) Score

The starting point for any entity in South Africa is to check if they need to comply with the CIPC iXBRL Mandate. The CIPC Mandate and its regulations are often confusing and as a business owner, you may not know what is expected. This is clearly outlined below. 

The Public Interest (PI) Score of the company is the interest of the public/investors in the Company. This score is calculated based on certain financial and non-financial parameters. For private entities, the manner in which the AFS is compiled and subsequent calculation of the Public Interest Score (PI Score)  becomes an important factor that decides if the entity is required to file in iXBRL or not. Learn more about the Public Interest Score from our blog.

Here’s an infographic that clearly elucidates if the entity is required to file in iXBRL or not based on Public Interest (PI) Score


Our infographic makes it easy to determine if you need to comply with the CIPC iXBRL Mandate or not. Alternatively, you may calculate your PI Score yourself here. If you’re still uncertain about what is expected of you, feel free to contact us. We’ll help you to determine your Public Interest (PI) Score and the assistance that is required to file with the CIPC.

Calculate Your Public Interest (PI) Score Yourself

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