A Glimpse into What’s New in IRIS CARBON® Version 5.0.7

February 3, 2021by Team IRIS CARBON

We’re back with a fresh new update to IRIS CARBON®, our cloud-based, collaborative solution for all your XBRL and Inline XBRL report creation needs.

With version 5.0.7, we keep an ongoing commitment to our users that the IRIS CARBON® platform will always evolve to offer state-of-the-art features and capabilities.

But before we give you a walkthrough of what’s new in IRIS CARBON® 5.0.7, here’s a quick refresher of the functionalities we brought you in our previous version –

Keeping in mind the highly sensitive and confidential nature of the data we deal with, we have always had security as our top priority. In version 5.0.6, we introduced 2-factor authentication (2FA) for logging in to the IRIS CARBON® platform. Users need to input a 6-digit PIN in addition to the secure password they currently use.

If you start your XBRL tagging process on a non-stylized annual report but later want to replicate it on a glossy, stylized version, all you need to do is upload your glossy version on IRIS CARBON® and synchronize the two documents. No need to tag your stylized document afresh.

IRIS CARBON® supports the following updates of the ESEF reporting manual —Transformation rules registry, footnotes as per reporting language, ESEF Reporting Package Naming Convention, generation of xHTML documents for standalone company reporting, and generation of .xhtml extension file format output files.

Building on these key features, here are some of the advances we’ve made in version 5.0.7 in order to ease your XBRL/iXBRL report preparation:

In the latest version, we’ve gone a step ahead on 2FA security by introducing a dynamic email OTP option. Users can request a new PIN every time they log in, ensuring that no one apart from the intended user has the required authorization.

Version 5.0.7 offers built-in support for the latest ESMA 2020 Taxonomy along with the new Conformance Suite..

If you’re tired of working your way through your document to review the XBRL tags applied, you can download a ‘Complete XBRL Report’ to view the tagging and company taxonomy in one go.

Other miscellaneous updates include the ability for project owners to unlock certain sections and company taxonomy links that may have been locked by other users, an option to print MS Word and PDF files by leveraging the ‘Page Settings’ option and adding page breaks easily.

We hope this update brings you as much joy to use as it gave us to put together!

IRIS CARBON®, an XII certified cloud-based, collaborative solution that can help you prepare XBRL/Inline XBRL reports that comply with the SEC and FERC mandates. What’s more, our team of XBRL experts will always be at your service.

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